More about Community First Responders


Why become a CFR?

There are many answers to this question and the answer will vary according to who you ask.

Many people feel a need to give something back to their local community whilst others have spare time and would like to use it to do something worthwhile. Whatever your reason for becomming a responder, it is something that will be both rewarding and at times challenging.

The satisfaction of becomming a responder is not just based on saving someone's life, although this is a very special moment should it ever arise. When someone calls an ambulance they are unwell, possibly frightened or unsure what is happening and vulnerable. Even when dealing with a patient who is not seriously ill, you have the opportunity to calm and reassure them.

Talking to them and supporting them while they await an ambulance is a part of the responder role that is often forgotten or overlooked but it can often be the most rewarding aspect of being a Community First Responder.

As a responder you step into someones life for a short period of time, and during that time you can really make a difference!