Once the application process is complete you will start your training programme. The training will provide you with the skills you need to carry out the responder role and will build your confidence before you deal with a patient alone.

The training programme consists of three parts:

Pre-learning: six online learning modules provide all the background knowledge you need to allow you to maximise the benefit of the classroom days you will attend.

Classroom: Consisting of three days of tutor-led instruction, discussion, practical session and scenarios to allow you to consolidate your learning and practice your new skills.

Assessments: It is important to ensure the safety of patients that your level of competence is assessed. This is done by a selection of practical assessments and short written paper. The assessments are not designed to catch you out but to give both yourself and North West Ambulance Service the confidence that you are ready to deal with patients.

Once you have completed your assessment and become a 'live' responder, you will be required to complete a number of mandatory training modules each year and to successfully pass an annual reassessment. This is to ensure your skills remain current and to the required standards.

Once you have been in the role for 12 months you could have the opportunity to learn new skills by training to be an enhanced responder.