Floristry and Types of Florists

Flowers play a major role in social events. Be it a wedding, a corporate celebration, reception tables or stage sets. Skilled experts make sure flowers make the place look presentable. Flower delivery is a big business. Florists deal in everything to do with flowers from merchandising, retailing to flower arrangement and flower delivery.

Basically florists are categorized into wholesalers who deal with bulk orders and retailers who deal with the direct consumers.Flower delivery Singaporehas specialty flower shops that offer bouquet of flowers and flower services for weddings and high style designs.


Floristry is a vast subject though it is different from horticulture, which is the cultivation of plants and flowers. Education is an important segment of floristry and established florists impart education to students interested in floristry as a hobby and as a career too. Vocational colleges, community colleges and florist associations. Floristry basically enables the florists to make floral designs like bouquets and bunches based on the customers requirement and expectation.

Let us have a look at the different types of flower delivery services.

Local Florists

A local florist is the first point of contact for consumers. He is contacted for next day deliveries, same day express deliveries and small orders. These orders are hand delivered to the customers. They operate in their confined geographical area.

Order broker

Order brokers are third party agents who assign work to the local florists through the floral wire system. In this type of flower delivery, the customer is not in control of who their florists is. These brokers usually take consolidated orders for delivery to locations both local and international.

Relay Florists

Relay florists as the name suggests do not take direct orders from consumers. The orders are placed usually on a website and the florists relay this order to a local florist who delivers the order.

Courier delivery

Courier delivered flowers are flowers delivered by posts to the consumer. Flowers are packed in cardboard boxes and couriered to the client. The chances of the flowers remaining fresh are high however the damage by temperature fluctuations en route are very much there. These florists usually work with local florists to get the orders delivered.

Significance of Different Flowers

Significance of each flower is different and accordingly they are used in the arrangement. For example red roses represent passion and love. However in some cultures it confuses people.In commonwealth countries, poppies are used to remember the martyrs. People associate flowers with the culture in their country.

 The significance of colours also play a major role. They denote death, love, peace etc. Fore example white can be offensive as it denotes mourning and death in some cultures whereas in the European culture it represents innocence and purity.

Interesting fact.

Phenol formaldehyde plastic is used to make floral foam that is used to fixate the stems and hold flowers together in a bunch. This foam can soak water and give longevity to the freshness of flowers. So flower delivery , check. Freshness of flowers, check.