How to get the best wood floor in Flint, MI

Hardwood floors of any kind have an unrivaled natural beauty and complement every style of interior design, whether contemporary, classic, or rural. Hardwood flooring may be installed anywhere; however, extra care must be taken in wet areas like kitchens and basements. Know more about: wood floor in Flint, MI.

Latest Things That Developed In Wooden Floors:

If you want to apply your custom stain to the wood before applying the final finish or trying to match the color of your existing floor, unfinished wood is a fantastic alternative. Hardwood floors need many layers of finish after installation and staining.

Because prefinished hardwood flooring is sent from the manufacturer wholly sanded and sealed, the whole installation process is accelerated. On-site finishing eliminates VOCs and smells, making the floor usable immediately, like the wood floor in Flint, MI.

Because it’s made of solid wood, it will be sanded down and refinished again. However, it should not be installed in basements because of its sensitivity to humidity fluctuations.

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Things To Know About Wooden Floors:

Engineered hardwood flooring, often known as “click” or “engineered” flooring, consists of a thin layer of actual wood affixed to many layers of plywood. Engineered hardwood flooring must be sanded & refinished once or twice in its lifespan, depending upon the thickness of the hardwood veneer.

The species and quality of the wood used in a floor determine its specific qualities. The qualities offered by various wood species vary to a greater or lesser extent. The longevity of a solid timber floor is its most valuable quality. The Janka Hardness Rating measures how long a piece of solid wood will last (ASTM D-143). For instance, hardwoods are more long-lasting than softwoods. Therefore, hardwoods rather than softwoods are often employed for this purpose.

The Hardwood Council’s interactive Species Guide is an excellent resource for learning about the variety of qualities found in domestic hardwoods grown in the United States, including their features, grades, strengths, & mechanical properties.

As you would expect, the most complex and durable hardwood floors are crafted from widely accessible wood species. Examples are bamboo (technically grass), walnut, ash, and mahogany. Exotic woods like teak, jarrah, and mesquite have a higher price tag due to their rarity and scarcity.


Ensure all hardwood flooring users choose is from legally and ethically managed forests. Consumers are also interested in the options that save them from substantially modifying their wood selections by applying stains. Instead of dyeing oak to a particular hue, you may utilize the natural species.