IDGOD: Making Fake Identity Cards Look Genuine

An identity card is a small credit card-shaped document that proves a person’s identity issued by higher authorities. The card gets its credibility from these higher authorities’ issuance. However, identity cards may also be used to identify a person and gather personal information about them, such as name, address, contact, etc. This can prove dangerous for a person as this information can be used in many ways to disturb or harm them. This problem was solved by forging fake id cards to mask the person’s real identity. But forging fake id cards isn’t an easy process. It requires looking as genuine as possible. Websites such as idgod offer expert and reliable services forging genuinely fake id cards.

An Overview of Document Forging

Forging an identity document is a mastery over science as well as art. An identity card is produced with great attention to details and factors such as the card’s material. Different countries use different materials to issue id cards. Few websites such as idgod can offer quality and genuine service using an elaborate process to produce such cards.


  • Polycarbonate is one of many states and regions’ most popular materials used in id card production.
  • Magnetic strips are a key aspect in the production of many identity cards. It is crucial to have a genuine strip attached with a card to ensure reliability.
  • Barcodes are also a key factor in identity documents in many regions. Correct scannable barcodes are imprinted to make them a more genuine look.
  • Signs and stamps are imprinted in fine quality to resemble genuine markups.
  • Other small details such as special characters and fonts used on the card are inspected to ensure no loose end.


Having a fake identity card is necessary in today’s world to ensure being ready to face any situation in life. It becomes crucial to hide the person’s real identity in some delicate situations. This is where fake id cards can be used as a life-saving tool and get the person out of that situation. Getting a fake identity card is easy through genuine websites offering this service.