Child maintenance singapore

Information about child maintenance

Divorce process can be simple when the two parties have mutual understanding but the same becomes a big issue where there are many ins and out in the case. There are many element involved in the divorce process. One among them is with whom the child will be staying with and how much of amount has to be paid to spouse or to the person with whom the child is going to stay. This is called the child maintenance Singapore.

Regulations in child maintenance

  • It is an agreement which is made between both the parents to make payment for the welfare of child. The child maintenance is not only for the children born to them but it includes the children born outside marriage, children adopted and also the adult grown up children. The payment can be done in two ways one is on monthly bases they need to pay some amount or they can pay the entire amount at once. The court considers many things before deciding on the final amount to be paid.
  • The children are eligible for this maintenance till the age of twenty one. This is applicable to all the children whether they are adopted or born outside marriage. In some cases if the child is mentally unfit or disabled, still studying or serving as full time national services then the child maintenance is applicable even after the child crosses twenty one years.
  • Both the parents can sit and negotiate and finalise on the payments which needs to be paid by them. They can also decide for which expenses who is going to pay and take care of it. The common necessities of a child include accommodation, food, clothing, etc. There are many other special needs of child which need to be fulfilled.

Child maintenance singapore

Imposition measure related to child maintenance

  • If in any case the spouse fails to make the payment of child maintenance or is refusing to give the child maintenance then the guardian or the caretaker can apply to the family justice court to pay you the entire amount related to the child maintenance. If the guardian or caretaker can also make a garnishee order which force the bank to deduct the child maintenance amount and transfer to the guardian.
  • Another imposition measure which can be done is that the default parent can be put into imprisonment and provide a security saying that there will be no delay in future related to the child maintenance.

Factors considered while deciding child maintenance

  • The age of the both parents
  • What are the child financial needs
  • Is there any mental or physical disability in the children
  • The court check the complete income, property and the capacity of earning of both the parents
  • How much each parent are contributing to the family wellbeing
  • The manner the child has grew up till the time of divorce and also how the parents wanted the child to continue his studies.


Whatever may be the case it is always advisable that you consult a lawyer so that the process goes smoothly.