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Misuse Of An Entrusted Property: Is There Any Offence?

The criminal breach of trust is something that everyone is not aware of. Perhaps, it may not be on the knowledge of the offender or not; still, there is an offence performed, which is subject to a criminal offence. The offender must have brief information, yet the nutshell of it, about the offence, did. A breach of trust is performed by the offender, which is dishonestly misappropriation of another’s property. The offender and the offended must know the importance of the word “entrustment” of the property will be the key for the offence, which is subject to be penalized. There are essential elements of the breach of trust, such as:

  1. The accused must have been entrusted with the funds or property.
  2. The accused must use the entrusted property.
  3. The accused must dispose of or dishonestly of that property.

What does the offence mean?

The offence is similar to the offence called “embezzlement”, which in English law. But, the only difference between the two, the accused is entrusted with the funds or property, in honour of criminal breach of trust singapore. As the title of the committed crime suggests, an entrustment of the property will be an essential requirement. As being said, ignorance of the law excuses no one, so there is no such favoritism nor consideration once you did a crime. Holding a property, funds, or trust not owned by you, but dishonestly misused it for personal benefit without the owner’s consent is a crime. Any dominion over a property is a crime if it is an entrusted property unless you have agreed with the owner to do such doings.

Criminal Lawyer Singapore

Understanding the offence

There are clear explanations, as an example, to the situations for everyone’s knowledge. A person being an employer deducted the employee’s contribution from their wages payable to the employee without their consent is subject to the said offence. A person being an employer deducted the contribution of an employee from the wages payable for credit is another subject of the offence.

The essentials of the offence

The essential elements of a criminal breach of trust are already mentioned above. There are two different parts involving in the commission of the crime or criminal breach of trust, such as:

  1. The creation of an obligation to the property over control must be acquired by the offender.
  2. Misappropriation with the property dishonestly to the terms of the obligation performed.

The right to defend – call for criminal lawyers

Not all offenders intentionally performed it with their knowledge. Although it is obvious that you have no right to misappropriated or dishonestly, in instances like you have no idea that it is subject to an offence, the law still works on it. Indeed, no one is above the law. Criminal lawyers in Singapore can assist anyone who has the same legal problem or concern. For individuals who are facing trouble with the said criminal case, either you are the offended or the offender, criminal lawyers providing legal advice and possible legal solution to it.