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The Fundamentals Of Local Bail Bondsman

Bail bondsmen are expected to be like the fatherly figure who can help you out of whatever sticky situation you get yourself into. Maybe your car was towed, or your spouse left you, or a roommate failed to pay rent and now he’s filing for eviction. You don’t want to go through the hassle of going through court and fighting for your rights as a victim, so instead of waiting for justice – bail bondsmen will accept payments up front. In return, they demand that their clients not break any laws while being released from jail without being charged with a crime.

Who can use a bail bond agent?

Anyone who is arrested and released without being charged with a crime can pay a local bail bondsman to post bail. As long as you are not a felon or someone who has been charged with committing several felonies while in jail, you may be able to get out of jail sooner by calling on the services of a bail bondsman.

What are the options for getting out of jail?

There are three ways for people to get out of jail but only one is the most common way that people use: posting the money, working something out with their friends, or teaming up with other victims who have also been in a similar situation to you and getting bailed out together.

How much does a bail bondsman charge?

Bail bond agents charge an initial amount of $250 to get someone out of jail and also charge a percentage on what is left of the money that has been posted by the bail bondsman to guarantee that the client is able to pay for court costs and any other penalties. It’s very common for bail bondsmen to ask for 10% of the total amount posted as a fee, which means agents ask for $250 of your total payment and then deduct an additional $25 from that.

How do bail bondsmen work?

Bail bondsmen are able to operate in different ways, but they all have the same intention of using their services to leave people out of jail by paying off their fees as quickly as possible and working out a payment plan with the court that they are required to pay back. There are several kinds of bail bondsman, and some will require you to follow them throughout your court proceedings while others will let you work independently.