This movie describes when alcohol habit impact on love life

This movie describes when alcohol habit impact on love life

90ml is a south indiantelugu film written and directed by Sekhar Reddy Yerra. It is a romantic drama film with a touch of action and comedy that just bursts the laughs out of viewers. This is the latest movie and this movie describes when alcohol habits impact on love life. Karthikeya is an upcoming actor who got really famous for some of his movies like :RX100″ and ” Guna 369″, and has shown his best efforts. He is soon to become part of the top most actors in tollywood. You should definitely watch this latest movie.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Karthikeya Gummakonda

Actress: Neha Solanki

Other actors: Ajay, Ravi Kishan, posani Krishna Murali

Director: Shekar Reddy

Art Director: G M shekar

Banner: Karthikeya Creative Works

Producer: Ashok Reddy Gummakonda

Music By: Anup Rubens

Cinematography: J Yuvaraj

Editing: S. R Shekkar

Story By: Shekar Reddy

Other information:

Runtime: 159 minutes

Release date: 6 December 2019

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Box Office: 1.8 cr

Story line:

The story begins with our lead character in the film Devadas, a middle class young man with full on power towards life and enjoys his life. He is an expert at street fights and also makes the film more adventurous to watch. The only issue he has in life is that he is suffering from a fetal alcohol syndrome. which means that he cannot live without having to take 90ml of alcohol 3 times a day. All the fun apart, he falls in love with a beautiful girl, suvasana and goes through a lot of ups and downs to make her fall for him. Eventually she loves him back and they both get into a relationship. Devadas never tells about his problem to her, afraid that she will leave him as she stays far away from people who drink alcohol, but it is his need. Suvasana’s father is a traffic police head who catches devadas once for drink and drive. This makes her furious at devadas and starts to blame him for cheating. Devadas tries his best to open up but she never gives him a moment to talk about it. Later from all the side plots, villains enter into the scene and as he promised her he wont drink alcohol, he collapses. Devadas parents tell the truth to Suvasana and after understanding, she drinks alcohol and gives him a kiss for which he wakes up to kick the butts of villains. They live happily ever after.

Artist performance:

  • As we already know Karthikeya’s choice of movies are very different and he stands out in every way possible, this movie is one good break for his career.
  • Neha Solanki is a very beautiful actress that came to the Telugu film industry. She gracefully showed her talent to the world with the help of this opportunity.
  • Ravi Kishan is a great actor. The way he plays every character is just memorable for all the audience. In 90ml his character is unique starting from his dressing. He can play that humorous villain roles.

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