This webseries is a mind-blowing, thrilling experience

The Web series seems to be taking the place of movies and television these days. Web series are becoming popular with the new generation. These days people, especially the new generation, do not like to binge-watch daily soap dramas and dramatic situations. The Web series pushes our thinking limit and leaves the moral weight behind. Nowadays, the Tollywood industry is gaining fame. The concept in the Telugu movie is picturized in such a beautiful manner that it directly touches the heart of viewers. With the tremendous growth in OTT platforms or streaming services in India, several OTT platforms can watch Telugu web series online. People are loving Telugu content. This article will get you to know about one of the best over the top Telugu movies/ web series platforms. Devotees of Telugu movies and TV shows can access their favorite topics and watch Telugu web series online on Aha. Locked is a mind-blowing, thrilling web series with a gripping premise.

Locked is a web series starring SatyadevKancharana and SamyukthaHornad and is produced by Ram Ganesan, K.S. Madhubala and Shanmuga Raja. The web series is all about the story of Dr. AnandChakravarthy, who is a neurosurgeon, and what happens when he is trapped inside his own house. Meanwhile, Vaishnavi (SamyukthaHornad) and PadminiBhaama (Sri Lakshmi) plan to loot money from Anand’s house. Caught by Anand, it lays the ball rolling in mysteries with the three now trapped inside the same house. Director Pradeep’s intentions to drive a genre-bending series should be praised. Locked could seem like a dark fascination and an interesting crime thriller, a room drama, a fast-paced plot with conning and emotional objects. The story of Anand and Vaishnavi group goes back and forth, allowing you to pay close attention throughout. The series consists of seven episodes. The first three episodes are slow, but the show is gaining momentum in the fourth episode. The big direct exposure in the second half of the series will amuse you. The movie unfolds too much drama and thrills for the audience.

It has become a must-watch movie for the audience.

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